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Where is the sycamore tree that dan and little ann carved their names in red fern grows?

where is the tree exactly on the illinois river?

Where is the sycamore tree that dan and little ann carved their names in red fern grows?
You might ask again in Books and Authors. This is the Genealogy category.

How can I get my Australian tree fern to produce fronds after over-wintering with straw in crown?

In the spring, you need to fertilize it. Make sure that your fertilizer has enough phospherous in it for limb production.

I would check with your local greenery or any place that specializes in plants to see what mixture of fertilizer you need in your location.

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How can I get my Australian tree fern to produce fronds after over-wintering with straw in crown?
LEPTOSPERMUM laevigatun. (no wonder Captain Cook called them Tea Trees!) use it's leaves as a tea and you'll never get scurvy! I've been grow'n like weeds for years. as long as they have good drainage, they are happy campers. here is the grow'n and bloom'n secret... feed um with Mu*****d. (Sorry, can't plug the brand name %26amp; turn my advise into spam.) Lets just say they love acid food. Like the popular kind found in the blue box at any garden center. Follow lable directions %26amp; give um a shot of liquid, acid food now %26amp; they'll love for it!


How do i maintain my maintain an aquatic plant called the indian fern so that it wont wither in an aquarium??

i need to know the stuff that i need so that these plants can survive...

How do i maintain my maintain an aquatic plant called the indian fern so that it wont wither in an aquarium??
These may be of some help:

Since you only gave the common name, not the scientific name, I hope this is the plant you meant. Sometimes in pet stores, plants and animals get common names changed.

Is wallpaper still made, with the fern leaf pattern?

leaf it out your showing your age,you will be putting 3 flying ducks up next

Is wallpaper still made, with the fern leaf pattern?
yes homebase
Reply:As a matter of fact my late uncle left me his entire stockpile.
Reply:Laura Ashley will come by and draw the stuff right on the wall...or maybe P can do it...
Reply:That is not a very poetic question. I don't know.
Reply:Yes they do. I have seen it online in a few places. Check here:

Is the book WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS good?

i need to read sertain books for homework and i was wondering if its anygood aspecially for kids between the ages of 11 to 13. Is it hard or is it easy? please help me!

whats it about?

Is the book WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS good?
GREAT book, TERRIBLE movie.
Reply:It's a great book, kinda sad though. Read it, it's worth it.
Reply:Yes, very good story! Esp for 11 to 13 age group and well any other age group.

Enjoy the read!

I certainly did.
Reply:yes that is a very very very good book=]
Reply:It's very good, one of the best I read in Middle School. It was extremely sad also, it's definitely a good read.
Reply:It's a very good book...just reading the title in your question brought back some really excellent memories!

It's just right for your age group; you won't find it too hard to read.

Try to go in not knowing the whole story first, it's more fun that way.
Reply:YES! I read that book when I was in 6th grade. It made me cry, that only shows you how good a books emotional aspects though. It's pretty easy with some pretty strange wording at times but other than that an AMAZING book. It's about a boy who gets two coonhounds and eh, you'd have to read the rest to figure out what happens to the trio. : ) I highly suggest you read that book however.
Reply:It's a good book, but if you don't like animals, then Don't read it! i dont like animals ( i dont hate them either but i'm just not an animal person) it was ery boring for me, however for my friend natalia, she loved it. it was the best book in the world to her!
Reply:the books alright...yes, it's good for ages 11 and 13. Here's a summary:
Reply:I listened to it on books-on-tape several years ago ( was probably something like 10 thru 14). I remember liking it then. It was about a boy and his two dogs. I think they were hunting dogs- a male and a female. The ending is somewhat sad, but overall, it is a pretty good book.
Reply:yeah that was a reallly good book

i cant tell you what its willl ruin it( -_-)
Reply:real good its about a boy and his 2 dogs very touching
Reply:Very good story. Here is a plot summary:

In the opening scene of the novel, the main character, Billy Colman, a middle-aged man, is leaving work for the day. On his way home, he sees a dogfight - all the town dogs are attacking an obviously out-of-place redbone coonhound, who is fighting back valiantly. He steps in, scaring away the attackers, and coaxes the hound out. He sees that the hound is starving and dirty, and takes him home to feed and wash him. The dog leaves for his destination the next day, and Billy knows better than to stop him. Seeing a coonhound again makes Billy recall having two coonhounds as a boy. The remainder of the story is a flashback from his childhood.

Billy grew up in the Ozark Mountains on a little farm with his parents and three younger sisters. Billy's sole desire is to have a pair of coonhound dogs. He asks his parents for a pair of hunting hounds, but since the family is poor, all his father can offer him is a farm collie from next door's farm. Billy becomes physically sick for want of the dogs. Then he decides to earn the dogs himself after finding a magazine with a section that advertised dogs for sale. The magazine was discarded by fishermen. On the bank where they fish, Billy offers a prayer to God to help him get his dogs. Billy does odd jobs and sells food and bait to the fishermen to earn money. After two years, he earns enough, and his grandfather orders the dogs. When the paper confirming the purchase comes back, Grandpa tells Billy that someone will bring him to town next week to fetch his pups. However, Billy is too excited and walks to town that very night to fetch his pups from the train station in Tahlequah. After a couple of misadventures in town, Billy manages to get his pups. He carries them home in a gunny sack. On the way home he stops by the fishermen's bank, where he had first said his prayer. He tries to think of names for his dogs, but cannot think of any. Finally, he takes a look around and sees that a fisherman had carved the names Dan and Ann on a nearby tree. Billy decides to name his dogs Old Dan and Little Ann.

Billy realizes that Old Dan is the muscle of the team, since he is larger and more muscular. Little Ann was probably the runt of the litter, but she is a very bright dog. Billy trains his dogs with a coon skin after trapping one in a controversial method. He drags the coon skin along the ground to leave a scent, and he has his dogs follow the scent. He teaches them every trick he has ever heard of.

When hunting season comes, Billy is very excited and immediately starts out. His dogs rustle up a "coon", or raccoon and manage to chase it up the tallest tree in the forest, a sycamore. He knows that if he doesn't get the coon out of the tree his dogs won't trust him any more. He sets to work chopping down the tree. After a couple of days, the tree still hasn't fallen, and he is ready to give up. Billy then prays to God to help him bring down the tree. After this prayer, a strange wind blows the tree down without even rustling the branches of other nearby trees. His dogs get the raccoon and Billy decides that the wind was an act of God.

Billy goes out hunting almost every night. That winter, the price of coon skins is high due to a surge in popularity of their fur in the use of coats. He brings the pelts to his Grandfather's store to be sold. Together, he and Old Dan and Little Ann perform some amazing feats hunting coons in the Ozarks and earn local fame.

After a while, two boys from the Pritchard family challenge Billy. They claim that in their region there is an old coon who can disappear, and that their blue tick hound has never managed to bring this coon down. They make a bet with him that Old Dan and Little Ann could not manage to run down this coon. At first, Billy does not want to bet but Grandpa pushes him into it. Billy meets up with the Pritchard boys a day later to hunt the "ghost" coon. His dogs manage to tree the coon after a lot of clever tricks from the coon, but as the Pritchards promised, the coon disappears. The dogs are bewildered by this and, after a lot of searching, are ready to give up. Billy pays his bet. However, at the last minute, Little Ann catches the scent of the coon on the wind. It turns out that the coon's disappearance act was simple: he walked out to the end of a long branch and dropped down on to a fence post, which turned out to be hollow. Then he would hide in the hollow until the hunter(s) left. Little Ann figures this out, and they chase down the coon and Billy is about to kill the coon when he has a change of heart. He decides that he does not want to kill such a clever old coon. The Pritchard boys don't understand and call him a coward, but Billy doesn't change his mind. At this moment, the Pritchards' hunting hound walks up. The Pritchard hound attacks Old Dan while the elder Pritchard boy attacks Billy. Billy tells him to stop so they can separate their hounds, but the Pritchards are not worried since their dog is bigger and stronger than Old Dan. However, Little Ann runs in to help Old Dan. When the blue tick hound is about to die, The elder Pritchard then grabs Billy's axe and runs toward them, intending to separate them. He calls to the Pritchards to take care of their dog, but neither of them move. The Ruben trips while pulling up the axe, allowing Billy to grab his dogs. The younger Pritchard, Raine is shocked. Billy soon realizes Ruben had fallen on the axe, killing him.

Several weeks later, Grandpa enters Billy into a championship raccoon hunt, pitting Billy be against grown men and the finest hounds in all the country. Entrants come from Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and other states. Little Ann wins the beauty pageant at this hunt, earning a little silver cup. When they go hunting the first time, the pair of hounds tree three coons, qualifying them for the final round. During the final round, the pair tree one coon before a blizzard comes up. Billy, his father, Grandpa, and the judge lose track of the dogs. Finally, after half the night, they find them circling a tree in a gully. Billy's father chops down the tree and three coons come running out. The dogs dispatch two of them, but the third gets away. They need one more coon to win the championship, but since the blizzard is still going on Billy does not want his dogs to chase the coon for fear of them freezing. However, against his wishes, the dogs chase the coon. Billy and the rest of the company wait out the blizzard in the gully. In the morning, the hunters discover the two dogs covered with ice unceasingly running around a tree. All the hunters help Billy melt the ice off his dogs. Then they watch as the trio take care of the last coon. Billy, Old Dan, and Little Ann win the hunt and receive the championship gold cup as well as a jackpot.

With the money that Billy's hounds have earned, his parents have saved up enough for Billy's family to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma. This has been his mother's dream for a long time, since she wants the children to have a proper education. He takes his hounds out one evening and encounters a mountain lion (devil cat of the Ozarks), which the hounds fight to protect Billy. Billy helps them by swinging his axe at the cat. Old Dan receives a gash across the stomach among numerous other wounds. His entrails come out and he has to be sewn up by Billy's mother. Despite all their attention, Old Dan dies from the severe injuries and loss of blood at their home. With her companion gone, Little Ann loses her will to live and she dies lying by his grave. Billy's mother reveals to him that she and Billy's father had planned to let Billy remain with his dogs at Grandpa's place, since they knew how much he loved his dogs. However, she says that the Lord hates to see a family separated, and that this is a sign from Him to help the family stay together. As the family is about to move out the following spring, and Billy visits their grave one last time. A sacred red fern grows over both their graves. Billy recalls a local legend about how two Native American children had gotten lost in a storm and frozen to death lying next to each other. They were found in the spring time with a beautiful red fern growing over their bodies. It was said that only an angel could plant the seed of a red fern. The whole family is in awe of this rare and unique plant, and they carry the memory of the red fern with them to town. Billy never returns to the Ozarks but in his memories, he will always be with his dogs.

Has anyone read the series of books by Fern Michaels, the Sisterhood series?

I am on number 3 and let me tell you, Fern Michaels is one great author. This series is totally terrific. I would suggest if you are tired of the typical romance, if you are a woman, and you feel women in general have had a raw deal, try these books. The series isn't complete, there are more coming out this year.

Has anyone read the series of books by Fern Michaels, the Sisterhood series?
Thank you, I have just bought one of her books and am getting ready to read it. I'm glad to hear that I won't be disappointed, Thanks again.
Reply:I have read all of the sisterhood books so far,enjoyed them all,The Jury did seem rushed.Was not my favorite. Report It

Reply:Another series just came out this week!!!!! Report It

Reply:Yes,I am reading one right now ,it is all about a very rich woman who uses her great wealth and resources to help women who have been badly used by the justice system such as rapists and killers getting off free by the incompetence of the courts. She has two very able assistants,Charles who is a retired former British special policeman,and Nikki who is her ( dead) daughters best friend and also a lawyer.I t is one of the best books I have ever read. FERN Michaels is a great writer.


When does the book Where the red Fern Grows take place?

I couldn't find it anywhere in the book and I have a report to do.

When does the book Where the red Fern Grows take place?
in the 20's or 30's, roughly during the depression error. between the world wars.